Company History

The privately-owned PrímaEnergia (industrial and commercial limited company) has a leading position on the Hungarian LPG retail market. The company – in addition to its core activity – is involved in selling appliances and equipment related to energy products (e.g. solar, gas appliances). The company started its webstore ( in 2014, which continues to grow ever since.

Prímagáz Hungária Zrt. started its activity on 1st May 1992, having taken over the LPG activities of three regional gas companies (TIGÁZ, DÉGÁZ, DDGÁZ). 51% of the company’s shares were owned by the Dutch SHV Holdings N.V. through one of its subsidiaries, while 49% by the Hungarian State. The shares of the company were introduced to the Budapest Stock Exchange in 1993, when the State sold its stake to the public. SHV Holdings became the 100% owner of the company in early 2003, following a successful bid for the outstanding shares.

Since 1st April 2016 the company is 100% owned by PG Investment Ltd., and at the same time the company’s name changed to PrímaEnergia Zrt.

Introduction to the Company

PrímaEnergia is a leading provider of LPG in Hungary. LPG (bottled or filled into gas tanks) is able to satisfy the energy needs of the population, industry and agriculture. Demand and services cover a wide range from the small cylinders of campers up to the bulk tanks serving hotels.

The LPG-related activities of the company include procurement, storage, filling into different types of pressure vessels (bottles, and bulk tanks of 3 – 63 m3) and retail. The distribution of LPG (cylinders, bulk and autogas) takes place through resellers or by direct deliveries to the end users. A smaller part of the bulk customers get their supply through so-called village projects: through a pipeline system connected to a few (bigger) storage tanks.

Household, industrial and agricultural customers may use LPG for a wide variety of purposes: cooking, heating, agricultural and industrial usage and well as fuel for engines. The LPG supply comes from either import or local sources (MOL).

  • PrímaEnergia owns the country’s biggest storage capacity and operates the biggest road-tanker fleet, therefore ensuring that the security and predictability of customers’ supply cannot be compromised. This factor is one of the most important from the users’ viewpoint, since there are some fields of application, where even a short downtime could cause considerable damage and possibly even dangerous situations.
  • PrímaEnergia staff consists of large number of professionals with vast experience. Our sales point network provides a country-wide coverage through around 3,000 partners. You can find our locations in almost every settlement.
  • We only conduct our activities through legal, controlled channels and strongly fight to reduce illegal filling and sales. Both quality and safety are the guarantee of our company’s history.
  • For larger customers, we deliver gas to bulk tanks in order to improve supply security and delivery convenience.
  • In addition to selling cylinder and bulk gas, providing LPG for powering cars and other vehicles, including forklift trucks, plays a significant role.
  • The company has been ISO 9001 certified since 1996, guaranteeing continuous, first-class gas quality, in line with the strict Hungarian regulations. We were the first energy provider in Hungary to receive ISO 9001 certification.
  • Prímagáz is the only gas provider to have been awarded the SuperBrands title every year since its inception.
  • You can order quickly and comfortably from our webshop (
  • Our customers can use our PalackKártya (CylinderCard) to take cylinder gas from our outlets, which is both a safe and fast solution, avoiding immediate payment.
  • Our PrimaKupon voucher solution is available through hundreds of outlets.
  • Our dedicated, customer-focussed regional representatives concentrate on the long-term relationship and satisfaction of our existing customers and the continuous enhancement of our customer base.

Fields of Application

The secret behind the popularity of LPG is that it can be used in almost all areas of everyday life. The practical choice of cylinder sizes allows customers to buy enough, but if you only need a small quantity, you will also find the right size. An important argument for the use of LPG is its calorific value, which is nearly three times that of natural gas.

Customers may enjoy the comfort of PrímaEnergia bulk LPG even far away from the natural gas grid. In Hungary, more than ten thousand such systems are is in use, with a steady demand in recent years. The bulk tank is the ideal solution for users who consume more than households, and it is important for them to always have enough stock on hand.

Household consumption

  • Calorific value (46MJoule/kg) of LPG is nearly three times that of natural gas
  • Lowest emissions amongst fossil fuels
  • Can be used for multiple purposes. Cooking, heating and hot water production are all faster with LPG. The cooking temperature can be set at a constant level, which will ensure predictable results
  • The flow of gas can be controlled precisely
  • Can be used also with the most modern condensing boilers
  • Provides security of supply independently from utility networks
  • Flexible delivery and payment schemes help customers

Industry, agriculture

  • Cylinder and bulk tank systems can be installed independently from networks, all over the country
  • Short installation time, our experts will help customers from the very beginning
  • Flexible systems, fit well with any energy-efficient heating method
  • We offer our clients favourable investment conditions
  • Wide range of potential use: flame cutting, welding, road construction, roof insulation, heating of stalls, grain dryers, heating plants and hatcheries, fruit frost prevention

Transport (autogas LPG)

  • Full-featured alternative to replace gasoline and diesel fuel
  • Significantly cheaper fuel, favourable operating costs
  • Due to cleaner burning, less frequent need for oil exchange
  • Country-wide coverage of fuelling stations, still expanding
  • Environmentally-friendly fuel: extremely low CO2 emission, no soot

FLT (motoric use)

  • Both indoor and outdoor use is possible
  • Significantly cleaner than diesel
  • Reliable, steady gas quality
  • Environmentally-friendly, reducing both air and noise pollution
  • Continuous operation. It takes only minutes to change cylinders, as opposed to the charging time required for electric forklifts
  • Professional assistance in operations
  • Delivery of cylinders upon request
  • Possibility to install own filling unit on industrial sites