Company profile


Magyar Könyvvizsgálói Kamara Biztosítási Alkusz Kft. was founded by the Chamber of Hungarian Auditors in 2002. Our enterprise was established with the aim of assisting Chamber member auditors and auditing companies with choosing and entering into the most suitable professional liability insurance contracts available on the insurance market.

To adequately fulfil our function, we have contracts with as many as 20 insurance companies.

As evidence of our successful performance, more than 2200 of 3400 auditors have chosen our company to help them obtain their liability insurance. Since 2009, we have expanded our field of activities. Now, we offer a full range of services covering all products in the insurance market to assist both our auditor and non-auditor clients.


  • Comprehensive risk assessment and analysis
  • Overviewing existing insurance contracts
  • Risk management with insurance
  • Insurance market analysis
  • Tracking and updating insurance contracts
  • Active participation in remediation
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