ERDÉRT-TUZSÉR Zrt. is the largest pine sawmill in Hungary. Its geographical location and 34 hectare area make it ideal for directly receiving pinewood from the East on broad-gauge railway.

We are committed to providing professionals with pinewood fitting for high-standard work. On our state-of-the-art machine lines, we produce finely sawn timber that meets even the strictest European criteria. The 0.1 mm dimensional tolerance for cutting and the almost entirely smooth planed surface reduces post-processing chamfering loss by 50%.
Our semi-processed or processed goods are stored and transported in close-set packages or separated by piling strips, in standard or customized cut sizes.
The surface of our products worked in our planing mill by state-of-the-art hydro cutterhead Weinig planers meets the highest furniture industry standards. Our planed products are packaged in 5-10 piece foil-wrapped bundles.
As we place great emphasis on protecting our environment, we also recycle manufacturing by-products: sawdust and chipping are used in chipboard production, while pine bark and wood shavings are suitable for both energy and agricultural purposes.In line with current European standards, our products are FSC certified to signify our devotion to environment consciousness,

If desired, we provide customers with freshly produced, stacked (air-dried) or machine-dried wood. Our mill excels at supplying large quantities of goods.If requested, we can treat the wood with preservatives (by dipping or pressure impregnation). Ordered goods may be delivered on road or rail.

Since 2014, our construction materials come with a statement of performance in accordance with the latest legal standards, providing contractors with security for authority inspections.
Our trademark ERDÉRT has won the prize of Magyar Brands multiple times as proof of our reputation among professional brands.
All our products come with receipt warranty, so you have nothing to worry about.
ERDÉRT – Pine is our passion since 1951


  • Sawn pine timber for furniture industry, carpentry and construction
  • Boards and planks
  • Sawn timber, lagging strips
  • Roof battens
  • Strip-floor, base board, panelling Panelling selection
  • Fibreboard
  • Untreated chipboard
  • OSB
  • Arched timber house profile
  • Saw log
  • Mining timber
  • Material for line poles
  • Spar
  • Cutting
  • Chipping, sawdust, bark, sawmill shavings


  • kiln-drying
  • heat treatment
  • consultation
  • board cutting and edge banding
  • cutting to size
  • planing and impregnation
  • home delivery